Our Mission: Comprehensive Wellbeing After 40

We’re not just a running club; we’re your holistic sanctuary for comprehensive health after 40. As a not-for-profit organization based in Manchester, our face-to-face services span across Greater Manchester, covering areas like Stockport, Wigan, Oldham, Bolton, Rochdale, and beyond. But our reach doesn’t stop there. Through our state-of-the-art online membership platform, we offer worldwide access to our unique Midlife Runners Paradise (MRP) framework-based training resources and coaching. Whether you’re local or global, we’re here to guide you towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Midlife Runners Paradise Framework

Midlife RunnersParadise Framework

Introducing the MRP Framework

Welcome to Midlife Runners CIC, where we redefine wellness through running and holistic health. At the heart of our services is our Midlife Runners Paradise (MRP) framework, which leverages heart-based training, 80/20 strength training, and run/walk strategies. These core elements form the bedrock of our specialised running workshops and our state-of-the-art online membership platform. Whether you’re an individual or part of a corporate team, our MRP framework is tailored to deliver a balanced blend of physical and mental well-being to those over 40

 This core foundation is enveloped by a layer focused on healthy nutritional habits. Crowning these layers is the realm of mental resilience, all aimed at fostering lifelong physical and mental well-being


ake our Membership Site for a spin with a risk-free, 14-day trial. And if life gets in the way? No worries—you’ll still have perpetual access to select freebies like our “Nutrition Over 40” guide and our foundational “Running Fundamentals” course.


Midlife Runners Paradise Course

Video tutorials to enrich your running experience.


Live Group Chats

Share your running journey with our community.


Community Events

From group run sessions to wellness-themed activities.

Gentle C25K Program

Kickstart your journey with our free Gentle C25K Program. A perfect introduction to our philosophy and community


For Corporates

Are you looking to revitalize your workplace culture, boost employee engagement, and promote a healthier, happier lifestyle? Welcome to Midlife Runners CIC Corporate Running Workshops. We empower businesses with a holistic approach to well-being that transcends the physical benefits of running.

For Individuals

Our Tailored Services

  • 🌿 Eco-Friendly Running Workshops: Immerse yourself in nature with our community-led, face-to-face workshops.
  • 📱 Digital Haven Membership Site: Your online sanctuary for expert advice, tutorials, and 24/7 community support.
  • 🤝 The Best of Both Worlds: Experience our Hybrid Services that meld online and offline benefits.
  • Running Workshops: Ignite Your Running Journey Workshop.
  • Wellbeing Courses: Including themes such as ‘During Menopause’, ‘Low Mood & Stress’, ‘General Wellbeing’, ‘With Diabetes’, etc.
  • One-to-One Coaching: Customized coaching for individual needs (Limited to 5 participants per month).

Our Unique Hybrid Running Workshops

Ignite your running journey with our workshops, offered both face-to-face in Greater Manchester and via Zoom. These are followed by an 8 to 9-week training plan accessible through our online membership site.

Hybrid Learning





Reclaim your life wellbeing group
Living life to the full



We have been privileged to be featured on BBC News, Women’s Running magazine and Runners World and more media recognition is on the way!

media presence women's running Raji
Runners World Media

Success Stories

Real stories from people who have transformed their lives through our programs.

Breaking Barriers: Sarah's Weight Loss and Fitness Success

Cntlie: Sarah, 52 years old, overweight, and looking to lose weight and improve her health.

Challenge: Sarah had tried various diets and exercise programs in the past, but struggled to stick with them. She lacked confidence in her ability to run and was unsure how to get started safely.

Solution: Midlife Runners CIC created a customized training plan for Sarah that focused on building up her endurance and gradually increasing her running distance. The plan also incorporated strength training exercises to help prevent injuries and improve overall fitness.

Results: With the support and guidance of Midlife Runners CIC, Sarah was able to successfully complete her first 5k race and continued to lose weight and improve her overall health. She gained confidence in her ability to run and was motivated to continue her fitness journey.

Testimonial: “I never thought I could be a runner, but Midlife Runners CIC showed me how to get started safely and helped me build up my strength and endurance. The customized plan they created for me was exactly what I needed to finally achieve my weight loss goals and improve my overall health. I’m so grateful for their support and guidance!”

Case study of how Sarah lost weight through following midlife Runners running training plan

Blog Updates

Stay updated with our latest tips, articles, and community news.

5 Tips For Running Pain Free In Your Midlife

While trying to know how to get faster at running, most people often have the perception that to become a faster and better runner, they need to be running hard and fast – anaerobically or at tempo pace

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