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Our programs Who is this for?

Our online running coaching is personalised to your goals and ambitions. We help you break through the barriers and create an environment where you can thrive as a runner. 

Whether you want to improve your running skills or lose weight with running, let our coached program help you reach your goal. We'll give you all the tools necessary to do it, starting today.

It’s time to get the support you need to reach your goals.

The following are some of the runner goals that we cover:

  • Beginner runners looking to run without struggling
  • Runners who want to lose weight while they’re running
  • Runners who want to run longer distances, like a 10K or half marathon Running
  • Runners who want to improve their mental health & wellbeing


  • You want to challenge yourself to lose weight or get fit by running, but you can’t run for more than five minutes before stopping to catch your breath at the moment?

  • You feel frustrated when your efforts are not successful, and you wonder why you inflict this pain and discomfort on yourself when running?
  • Do you  try to push yourself too hard only to experience muscle soreness, tightness & slow recovery? You start with enthusiasm and keep up running for the first two weeks and then life comes in the way and you are not able to keep up the running and lose consistency?
  • Or you simply can’t be motivated to get yourself off the couch?
  • Or you one of  the motivated and consistent runner but injury and other pains do not allow you to be consistent or make the progress you desire?

It’s not just about running, it’s about living a life
that you love. Let us help you find that spark again with 1-2-1 online coaching
and guide you step by step to shed pounds, improve your health, or find inner happiness through running.

You’re a runner? We’re here to help you reach your goal. With your customized training program, you’ll not only be able to run stronger, but also faster and farther.


Improve your running in 30 days online 1 to 1 Run Coaching

Improve your running in 30 days. Join an online coaching session and we will help you figure out how to improve your running. You will get coaching on nutrition, mindset and lifestyle changes for improving your running and daily support.

  • Your personal training plan including running, strength, recovery, everything you need to reach your goals

    A full assessment of your motivation, goals, aspirations and current capability 


    Coaching on Nutrition, Mindset and Lifestyle changes to further improve your running


    Daily Support and access to coaching


    The Fastest way to reach your goals


    Guaranteed Results!


England_Athletics_running Coach_Raji

Hi, I am Raji & I started running in my mid forties with no running experience whatsoever. I was brought up in a culture where sports is for ‘watching’, not ‘experiencing ‘I am now a qualified England Athletics running coach.

At school, I was easily dismissed from taking part in any sports as did not display outwardly any of the physical abilities to excel in sports, like standing only 5.1 feet in adult height. Yet, I managed to run my first Marathon in 2018 in my late forties & in 2019, I conquered one of the highest peaks in the Himalayas. Running has turned my life for the better in more ways than I can imagine.

I have lost weight & kept it, and improved my nutrition. I am much fitter than I was in my 30’s, and my menopausal symptoms have reduced drastically. My self-confidence has improved by leaps & bounds. I have also helped others, friend & family to find a new lease of life through running. The closest person I have helped is my husband. He has gone from a couch potato to running marathons, and he has reversed his diabetes.

I am also a qualified holistic health and weight loss coach and gained a diploma in fitness & nutrition. I also qualified for a Leadership in Running Fitness(LIRF) My passion is to help people in their midlife and more so the underdogs like me to find joy, health, happiness & confidence through running!”

Happy Customers!

What Our Satisfied Clients are Saying

At 56 years of age, I was looking to find a way that I could get a little healthier both mentally & physically due to life stressors and poor eating habits. I wanted to try out different exercises, but the thought of enrolling into classes and the commute etc. put me off, and I wanted to try running. I've never been able to run, but I found the C25K program, hard, and it took three failed attempts before I stumbled upon the MRP beginner program for over 40s. I started the free MRP 5-week running apprehensive of my ability to complete it. My aim was to finish the program and be able to run for 30 mins without stopping. But instead, I managed not only to meet the MRP 5-week program but progressed on to running 5k non-stop and ran a race for life in March 2022. I am currently preparing for my 10 K race in November 2022. I will recommend MRP Beginner Programme for over 40s & 50s to anyone in my shoes.

Mark Ramsey 56 years Old Software Engineer

I started off with a standard C25K programme and tried to give it my all. After 7 weeks on the program I had severe shin splint and realised that this program was not working for me. I came across the MRP Beginners Programme for over 40s , which looked more reasonable and included strength training to improve muscle strength and avoid injuries. I started in Jan this year and take my time. I repeated a few weeks just to be sure, and my week 7 I had completed the MRP beginner plan for over 40s. The heart rate based running was easy for the body and recovery was quick and I could also run longer. Now, 7 months on from this success, I have followed the level 1 5k program for beginners and have started doing parkruns. I have become a runner for life thanks to Raji from MRP!

Lisa Evans Health Worker

MRP Beginners Run Plan for Over 40s is a strong foundation for anyone beginning to run over 40s. I am 45 and gained so much confidence after completing the MRP Beginners Over 40 Plan. It is effortless and straightforward. The run/walk and the MHR(maximum heart rate) based strategy made me look forward to the weekly running sessions. I was no longer huffing & puffing but enjoying every bit of the run. The strength training sessions were fun, just 15 minutes a session, and I started feeling stronger in just a few weeks. I continue to run and have 1-to-1 coaching with Raji from MRP to do my first 10k race!

Rama Mohan Chartered Accountant

In 6 months I have gone from running for 30 seconds to running for more than 50 minutes without stopping. I never imagined this was possible for me and I am so proud of myself for sticking with it, I am tremendously grateful to Raji for making and sharing these plans, but I sure couldn't have done it without the amazing runners of the community either!

David Li Senior Programme Manager


    Step 1 - Let us have a Chat

    Click the button below to book a 30 minutes chat with me. As soon as you book your time you will receive a running assessment questionnaire that will take 5 to 10 minutes to complete. We will have a chat and go through the assessment form  so that I can really get to know you and exactly what you want to achieve.  I will discuss options with you and also send you an email with the proposed training plan and costs.

    Step 2 - YOUR DECISION

    You can go through the proposal, ask questions if you need further clarity and let me know your plan.  If you decide to go ahead then I will send the sign up form.  If you don't want to go ahead that is also perfectly fine, I will be happy to support you in other ways.

    Step 3 -THE PLAN

    Once agreed Next, I'll create a plan  for the first 30 days that includes everything you need to get you there in the quickest time possible


    We'll figure out exactly what kind and amount of support you need to stay on track. For some, it's a gentle nudge every so often, others want dragging to the top no matter what. Here we'll figure out what's best for you and make changes as we progress. You will also have access to our Private community group  to make friends and share your journey.


    Once a week we'll have a regular Check-in to monitor your progression towards your big goals. Throughout the week we plan, take action, and conquer the daily actions needed to get you to your goals  


    I want you to love the results from the coaching, if you aren't making progress after 4 weeks I offered to work with you for free until you do, or you can get 100% of your money back, no questions asked from you.