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6 Ways To Stay Motivated As A Runner Over 40

Stay Motivated As A Runner
Keeping up with regular running is a challenge that most midlife runners have to face. Your energy levels will go down, and you will start getting new responsibilities. Regardless of all those challenges, it would be best not to give up the good habit of running regularly. That’s where you should learn how to keep yourself motivated as a midlife runner. Here are some of the most effective methods available for you to keep yourself motivated as a midlife runner as of now.


Your age and depleted energy levels will lead you to challenges when keeping up with the pace, and hence you should stop worrying too much about pace and keep your focus on the distance you travel. Running further will help you to burn more calories effortlessly. Otherwise, you will get exhausted, and you will not be able to cover up all the distance that you wanted to run.


You can also think about changing the routine you follow for running. For example, you might not be able to run all seven days of the week. Think about limiting your runs to only five days a week. Then, you can rest for the other two days. However, you will still be able to use one day to engage with any other form of workout, such as cross-training. By taking enough rest days and cross-training, you will improve your running and fitness without getting tired and enjoying the process; it is like having your cake and eating it.


Another effective method to remain motivated for running would be to change your incentive for running. For example, you can think about making your runs more social. Find a running buddy to run with, and watch the time pass quickly and helps you to also stick to a routine. Running with your friend or group will help you to make your running activities more social and enjoy the positive results that come along with them.


If you used to run early in the morning, and if you are not in a position to continue the same with other commitments, such as attending to the needs of your kids in the morning, you should think about changing the time where you go for the run. Then you will be able to stick to running, regardless of the other commitments you have in your life.


When you start encountering challenges with your runs, one of the best things you can do is find a running coach. The running coach will not just be able to keep you motivated. Instead, you can get assistance with creating a custom schedule, which you can easily follow and experience the benefits of your runs. In addition, the running coach working with you will cater to your best interests at all times.


Instead of running on the same track, you should also add variety to the runs. It is another effective method available for you to remain motivated for running. For example, you can explore new running routes. On the other hand, you can also add different speed intervals for running. If possible, you can even go ahead and join a club.
The effectiveness of all these tips is proven. Hence, you can follow all these approaches to keep yourself motivated for the runs as you age.
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