6 weeks group running program for midlifers

are you a runner over 40 & 50?

Over 40 and looking to run for the first time? Have you been injured and off running for a long time? Then this plan is for you. It is a gradual and gentle running plan with a combination of run-walk sessions and strength training exercises to build the running muscles that have been depleting for a while. If you want to recover from training sessions quicker, not feel tired or fatigued all the time, run pain & injury free and improve your endurance so that you can run faster well beyond your fifties, then this plan is for you.

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Who is this for?

This is for beginner runners over 40 and 50.
This includes beginner runners at different stages as below. AN ASSESSMENT QUESTIONNAIRE WILL BE SENT TO CONFIRM The Right stage according to the criteria below and the CUSTOMISE TRAINING PLAN WILL BE SENT

Stage 1

0 to 25 mins Running

If you have never run before and over 40.

This beginner running plan will take you right from your first pair of running socks, to going for 25minutes straight like it’s nothing. Even if you’ve never taken a run before, or feel that you couldn’t match a snail’s pace, do not worry! Today, you become a runner, and in 6-weeks, a runner for life.

Stage 2

25mins to 5K Running

You are already taken your first step and experiencing the joy of running

You are already taken your first step and experiencing the joy of running Congrats! You’ve completed stage 1, the hardest part is just to start, and you’ve done it amazingly. As an intermediate beginner, we think you’re ready for the next challenge – a 5K race! It is a 6-week stage to help you work up to your first significant achievement.



A comprehensive training plan that is made for Midlife Runners not available elsewhere. Our training programme is unique it is made for people in their midlife, taking into account the pitfalls that are specific to our age group being able to 1. run pain-free for longer, 2. reduction in fatigue 3. building strength to stop the fast decline of muscles 3. Coaching how to Run with joy, longer & faster gradually without putting a strain on your body & mind.


A monthly deep dive on topics like running injury-free improving strength for midlifers, nutrition, weight loss, Improving balance and coordination, mindfulness for running and much more. These classes will be delivered by experts in the respective fields. There will also be opportunities for Q&A.


You can choose to have an accountability partner to keep each other accountable for your progress & develop a bonding to give both companionship & accountability at the same time.


Feeling to you don't have a support system when you undertake something we running routine con make the experience miserable. You'll benefit from membership of our community of over 40s just like you with the some issues and dreams in this community, you can ask & got advice, share wins frustration et tips on various topics related to running like improving running for how to deal with shin splints, nutrition healthy recipes etc. You will also get a chance to participate in un challenges & virtual races.


Plenty of free resources How to Videos on various topics related to improving your health & wellbeing as runner Videos will cover a broad range of topics on running motivation running techniques, nutrition weight loss wellbeing topics meditation mindfulness, yoga etc and downloadable tips on weight loss Wellbeing, improving pace, improving endurance and tons more.


Fun virtual races to celebrate you reaching a milestone of 5k, 10k and receive a medal to acknowledge your achievement.

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