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Run Pain free
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5 Tips For Run Pain Free In Your Midlife

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Winter Walking & Running!
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7 Smart Tips For Beginner Runners- Over 40 & 50

Are you a new runner? Have you decided to begin going to improve your fitness? Before lacing up your shoes, ta...

Run for weigh loss
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7 Tips To Help You Start Running For Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, running is an undisputable forerunner to help you achieve your goals within the ...

Run Slow To Run Fast
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Why And How To Run Slow To Run Fast

While trying to know how to get faster at running, most people often have the perception that to become a fast...

Breathing Techniques For Runners
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Breathing Techniques For Runners Over 40

As a runner aged above 40, you need to clearly understand the proper breathing techniques that you should foll...

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6 Ways To Increase Endurance While Running Over 40

1 . FIND TIPS TO RUN EASYIf you want to cover long distances, then the best option for you will probably be lo...

Stay Motivated As A Runner
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6 Ways To Stay Motivated As A Runner Over 40

Keeping up with regular running is a challenge that most midlife runners have to face. Your energy levels will...

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Reason for Midlife Weight Gain & How To Lose Weight After 40

We all have noticed with age, losing weight becomes a challenge. Midlife Weight Gain is a concern for many. Wi...


My Virtual London Marathon Journal

What a year it has been so far, 2021! I thought it would be a much better year leaving the horrific 2020 for t...