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Run Slow To Run Fast

Why And How To Run Slow To Run Fast

While trying to know how to get faster at running, most people often have the perception that to become a faster and better runner, they need to be running hard and fast – anaerobically or at tempo pace

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6 Ways To Increase Endurance While Running Over 40

You should make yourself a plan for aerobic fitness training that will help you run long distances without making your heart rate rise because it exhausts your body and makes your recovery much slower if you continue to do it while running long distances.

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Stay Motivated As A Runner

6 Ways To Stay Motivated As A Runner Over 40

Keeping up with regular running is a challenge that most midlife runners have to face. Your energy levels will go down, and you will start getting new responsibilities. Regardless of all those challenges, it would be best not to give up the good habit of running regularly. That’s where you should learn how to keep yourself motivated as a midlife runner. Here are some of the most effective methods available for you to keep yourself motivated as a midlife runner as of now.

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