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My Virtual London Marathon Journal

What a year it has been so far, 2021! I thought it would be a much better year leaving the horrific 2020 for the whole world. 2021 started well for me, fit & healthy, and I managed to keep running and stay fit despite one of the worst winters in a long time. I had also started slow running since the end of last year to improve my aerobic fitness (heart rate based running). So one of the principles of slow running is to avoid weight/strength training until you build an aerobic base, and hence I stopped strength training.

Yet, I am back, trying to put one step in front of another. My love for running has become a need for running both for mental and physical prosperity.

When I booked for the London Marathon way back in October (ballot rejected the 3rd time) and took place in the virtual London marathon, little, did I expect this? After a lot of thought, giving a go at the London marathon is my road to recovery, a test of my tenacity, and practising all the things I have learned from becoming the running nerd I am today.

I don’t know if I will make the finish line, but I will give it my 110%.

Join on my regular update on my Marathon attempt. This Week 1 of my 18 weeks marathon plan.

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