Nutrition - The entirety of my life thus far, has been led as a vegetarian, and for the most part I believed my diet was sufficiently balanced. It was only when I developed a passion for running, much much later in my life, that I realised certain aspects; such as the protein content of my meals, was inadequate.

A mixture of South and North Indian vegetarian foods have been the staple of me and my family’s diet for a number of years. Any other type of cuisine be it British, Mexican or Chinese had solely belonged to the domain of eating out.

As I started to look for protein-rich vegetarian recipes and vegetable choices, I also got interested in compensating for age related mineral deficiencies with alternative food ingredients. Whilst doing a lot of research on the internet, I read several recipes from both the internet and cook books and began to implement them.

I modified these recipes according to my preference and the outputs I got and lo behold, the results were great! I felt more than a little guilty trying them out on my family, and used to wait with baited breath for their feedback, but for the most part the response was great! These new dishes became our evening meals from Monday to Friday.

Weekends however, were still reserved for our traditional South Indian recipes.

This programme worked very well for us as not only did we get a bit of a taste of food from all over the world, but also the food was delicious and helped us to start lose weight! I also added smoothies to our weekday breakfast menu made sure we had a salad or soup prior to each of our evening meals.

On this page I am going to share tried and tested (successful!) recipes, information regarding ingredients that have certain nutritional and healing properties, and the occasional mouth watering recipe from my homeland.

Note that most of these recipes will be suitable for Vegans as well.

As the world is forever tending more towards being vegetarian and vegan, I am sure that you will all enjoy trying out the recipes I’ve stored up. I can proudly stake my confidence in my culinary prowess after it has often proved to serve to my detriment, having been on several occasions been so thoroughly inundated with dinner invitations that I’ve made certain enemies! I do hope, and am almost certain that this skill I’ve built up over the years will be of a greater help to all of you and look forward to the future.

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