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What is unique about our MRP Plans?

Heart Based Training

Heart rate training uses your heart rate, or beats per minute (bpm), to monitor your effort while running. This can be a very effective training method to help runners stick to certain intensities and effort levels without overdoing it, which in turn, can help us reach our training goals more efficiently. This is crucial for over 40s and 50s runners.

How do you measure heart rate?

If your watch already has a monitor built in, the reading will be taken from your wrist. If it doesn’t have one, you can purchase a separate heart rate monitor that will measure and transmit the information directly to your watch so you can monitor your beats per minute while training. 

Benefits of heart rate-based training for over 40s?

Using a heart rate method can help prevent overtraining and lower the risk of injury as we are more likely to stay in our desired zones. Running at the correct intensity also helps us keep on track and work towards our training goals more efficiently.

Strength Training

.Strength training is important for any age group, but it’s especially important for people over 40 and 50 and even more important for over 40 & 50 runners!

That’s because as we get older, our muscles lose some of their ability to contract.  If we don’t start building strength as we age, it can lead to serious health issues, But as Runner it has added benefits it helps prevent injuries ,lose weight, improve performance!

 It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your fitness level is. You can strength train no matter your fitness level or physical limitations.

There are many different types of strength training that you can do. Some examples are weight lifting, yoga, Pilates, or bodyweight muscle building exercises. In our programme, we start with bodyweight exercise to build core and strengthen your lower body.  We alternate between core & lower body strength 15 minutes per session two or three times a week

Run/Walk Strategies

In addition for longer runs and for new beginners where we incorporate walk breaks in between runs it helps to cover more distance reduce your feelings of intimidation about running and increases motivation, and help stick with running.




80/20 Principle

80/20 method of training increases fitness more effectively than other methods 

Runners  get more benefit from high-intensity training when they do most of their training at low intensity. Both moderate- and high-intensity training are too stressful to be done in large amounts.

Hence all our plans weed off moderate intensity exercises and have a minimal high intensity and maximum low intensity.


Over 40 & 50 Beginner Training Plan

Who is it for & why is it unique from other plans out there?

It is for real beginner runners over 40 & 50 because the standard couch to 5k is does take into account the challenges faced by midlife men & women. 

This training program has two unique elements running based on heart rate & sit includes strength training.

Most runners on the C25k program run too fast on the run section of the training and hence the plan becomes hard, and the abandon rate is high. 

 Our program is based on heart rate and by running at the right heart rate for your age you will become a better runner fast. 

If previously you can’t run for more than 10-minutes without stopping to catch your breath, this plan will work really well for you.  

 easy to do body weight strength training exercises that will take only up to 15 mins per day done maximum three times a week.

This plan get you running non stop for 30 mins in 4 weeks

Advanced BEGINNERS 5k PLAN FOR OVER 40s & 50s

Advanced Beginner Running Plan

A 5K race is a high-intensity activity. Whether you run a 5K in 38 minutes or 18 minutes, your heart rate will peak before you are halfway to the finish line. This doesn’t mean that you should perform most of your training at a high intensity. Instead, you should focus more on low-intensity running and less on moderate-intensity running.

Highlights of our plan

  1. Every third week is a recovery week.
  2. Focus on more high intensity training than moderate intensity
  3. The high intensity runs are for only 20%  the rest are low intensity runs
  4. The base phase focuses on increasing the training volume 
  5. The Plan is for 9 weeks include a 1 week taper phase
  6. Strength training for two days a week is included in the plan


WeightLoss Run Plan for over 40s

Running is one of the most preferred fitness activities for weight loss. Numerous experiments have shown that runners lose more weight than other fitness users but it has to be done the right way.

  • Our Over 40 Weight loss programme includes more low-intensity workouts that are easier on runners while burning more calories.
  • During the peak phase running is done on six days with 80% of the training done at a very comfortable low intensity for about 20 to 25 minutes.
  • More training is done in high intensity for a shorter period, as a result it is more fun.
  • Because your muscles deplete twice as much over 40, strength training is mandatory to avoid aches and pains and fatigue.
  • Weight loss is an added benefit to strength training; building lean muscle mass, which burns more calories even at rest, increases metabolism, reduces body fat, and helps to reduce type 2 diabetes risk. Strength training can also reduce stress, which can lead to weight gain.
  • We have therefore incorporated 2 strength training sessions a week that will take you 15 to 20 minutes only.  As you progress you can increase the number of repititons.