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Our Lifestyle Membership service is uniquely designed to help you achieve these goals through a holistic approach. Combining gentle running, strength training, nutrition habits challenges, mental well-being practices, and expert-supported training, our program offers everything you need to live your best life.

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transform your health and happiness

Overcome Health Fears and Find Peace

Every night, as you lie in bed, do worries about your health keep you awake? Perhaps you’ve been told you have slightly high cholesterol or are prediabetic, and the thought of developing diabetes or heart disease looms over you. Maybe you find yourself exhausted after minimal physical activity, making the idea of running seem impossible. Consistency in fitness routines might be a struggle, leaving you feeling demotivated and stuck in a cycle of starting and stopping.

Your diet could be another area of concern. Poor eating habits might be contributing to weight gain and low energy levels, making it hard to maintain a balanced, nutritious diet. Stress could be taking a significant toll on your mental health, leaving you anxious and overwhelmed. Despite your best efforts, maintaining a positive mindset feels like an uphill battle.

Don’t Let Health Worries Hold You Back!

Imagine a life free from the worries of chronic illnesses. Our program is designed to help you overcome these challenges and achieve a healthier you.

Discover the Transformative Solution

Imagine waking up every morning with boundless energy, excited to embrace the day. Picture the joy of slipping into your favorite clothes again after just a few months of dedicated lifestyle changes and weight loss. Feel the pride as you effortlessly climb three flights of stairs, breathing easy and feeling strong.

Now, imagine going for a health check and seeing all green indicators, giving you peace of mind that you are on the right track. Think about the joy of having a new circle of friends who are equally motivated to improve their health and fitness, encouraging each other every step of the way.

Experience Life-Changing Benefits!

Our comprehensive approach ensures you achieve lasting health and wellness.

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Experience Life-Changing Benefits

Our Lifestyle Membership is designed to turn these imaginations into reality. Here’s how we help you achieve a healthier, happier life


Effortlessly Improve Physical Health with Tailored Exercise Programs

Transform your fitness effortlessly with our gentle running and strength training programs. Our tailored plans help you build endurance and strength without overexertion, moving you from exhaustion to feeling energized and capable.

Best Breakfast for Diabetes 2: 5 Amazing Options to Control Blood Sugar

Revolutionize Your Nutrition Habits Easily

Revolutionize your eating habits with our personalized nutrition plans and engaging monthly challenges. These tools provide customized dietary advice and fun, effective ways to track and improve your eating habits, leading to more energy and better health.


Enhance Mental Well-being Naturally

Reduce stress and improve mental clarity with our mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and breathwork sessions. These practices help you transition from feeling overwhelmed by stress to experiencing calm and mental clarity, better equipping you to handle daily stressors.

Reclaim your life wellbeing group

Access Expert Support Anytime for Holistic Health

Gain unparalleled access to a diverse range of health experts, including specialists in diabetes, cardiovascular health, physical exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, yoga, and meditation. This expert support ensures you receive tailored advice for your specific health needs.

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Embrace a Comprehensive Holistic Health Approach

Our program provides a holistic approach to health, addressing all aspects of well-being. This comprehensive support moves you from inconsistent wellness practices to a balanced, holistic lifestyle, reducing the risk of chronic illnesses and improving overall well-being.

With our comprehensive suite of services, your health and wellness journey is supported at every step.

Are you ready to embrace a healthier, happier you?

Unlock Your Full Potential!

With our tailored programs and expert support, you can achieve your health and wellness goals.

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Physical Exercise
Testimonial #1 Ananya

Thank you for all the encouragement and motivation, dear Raji. I am trying to be a little more careful about what I am eating since our last session. I am also trying to do a short run every day … I think I am feeling better from inside. My husband is a dedicated runner and he has been encouraging the whole family to run for years now. I was the most reluctant to follow his advice except for a very occasional run. But now I hope to sustain my running, fingers crossed. Thank you for the motivation.

Client Profile: Tim
Testimonial #2 Monica

Hi all, just wanted to share my story… I’m not really a runner. I’ve always been quite overwhelmed by it. I have done yoga, Zumba, legs bums tums and Bollywood dance classes in the past. I tend to default back to walking as one of my go-to exercises. My main problem is not being consistent but thought I should give running a try especially as I’m lucky enough to do it under Raji’s guidance. So this morning I took the bull by the horns. I walked for 10 minutes then did the 2-minute run, 3-minute walk cycle 5 times then finished again with a 10-minute cool down walk. Admittedly whilst I did it I was doing some positive affirmations to keep me going 😊

Sreedevi Nayar
Testimonial #3 Sreedevi Nayar

Dear Raji, I am so grateful to you. For years, I have been struggling with getting active and controlling my weight. I am so happy that you have come into our lives. Your program has made a significant difference, and I feel much healthier and more active now.

Brenda Byron
Testimonial #4 Brenda Byron

My primary reason for taking up running was to increase the amount of exercise I was getting. Since starting, I am definitely getting more exercise, which has made me feel fitter and improved my sleep on the days I run. I anticipated challenges with making time and motivating myself to run but running with a group or buddy has helped me stay on track. I'm proud that I can run again, even if it's only a short distance, and I'm happy that I'm fitter than I was. Overall, running has significantly boosted my confidence and well-being, with unexpected benefits that have positively impacted my life.

Helen Beswick
Testimonial #5 Helen Beswick

I absolutely loved the gentle running program. For the first time, I could run without feeling the stress that usually comes with it, and I truly enjoyed the experience. The relaxed pace and supportive environment made all the difference.

Agnes Pimbett
Testimonial #6 Agnes Pimbett

At 70 years old, after years of being inactive and taking care of my family, I have taken up gentle running and I am absolutely loving it. The program has reignited my love for exercise, and I am grateful to Raji for her support and encouragement."

Sheren Chan
Mental Wellbeing #1 Sheren Chan

I have decided to change my mindset to be more positive and to build self-confidence. The course's lists of 'do more' and 'do less' have been very helpful. A big thanks to Raji for her insightful lectures. Additionally, the openness and experiences shared by all participants have inspired me greatly. Thank you very much.

Mental Wellbeing
Mental Wellbeing #2 Yasmin Laher

It was good to take a step back and think about maintaining my health and well-being. The course has encouraged me to incorporate some self-care into my busy life. Thank you.

Alice Young
Mental Wellbeing #3 Alice Young

I found the techniques and strategies taught in this course to be particularly useful in how I handle my anxiety. The structured approach and practical exercises have significantly improved my ability to manage anxious thoughts and feelings. If I were to suggest any changes, it would be to include more interactive elements or real-life scenarios to further enhance the learning experience.

Mental Wellbeing #4 Cat Quinney

The course was very understanding, and the facilitator (Raji) was a kind listener, encouraging and positive. I noticed that some people dominated the conversation while others barely talked, possibly due to cultural differences or personality traits. I found the visual projections very helpful for remembering the content, and the take-home sheets were useful and something I still refer to. Thank you kindly.

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About Us: Midlife Runners CIC

At Midlife Runners CIC, we are passionate about transforming lives through holistic health and wellness. Our mission is to provide comprehensive, personalized wellness programs that address the unique needs of individuals, helping them achieve their health goals and improve their overall quality of life. We believe that everyone deserves to live a healthy, happy life, and our programs are designed to make this a reality.
We specialize in offering a range of services including gentle running programs, strength training, nutrition habits challenges, mental well-being practices, and expert-supported training. Our holistic approach ensures that all aspects of health are addressed, providing a well-rounded path to wellness.

Our community is at the heart of what we do. We offer support, encouragement, and motivation to each member, helping them to stay on track and achieve their goals. By joining Midlife Runners CIC, you become part of a supportive network that is committed to improving health and well-being together.

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About the Founder

Raji, the founder of Midlife Runners CIC, is dedicated to promoting health and wellness among midlifers. With a deep passion for holistic health, Raji has developed a comprehensive approach that addresses physical fitness, nutrition, and mental well-being. Her vision is to create a supportive community where individuals can thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Raji’s journey into health and wellness began with her own experiences and challenges. Understanding the struggles that many face, she has made it her mission to help others overcome these obstacles and achieve their health goals. Under her guidance, Midlife Runners CIC has become a beacon of health and wellness, transforming the lives of countless individuals.

Raji’s expertise includes working with specialists in diabetes, cardiovascular health, physical exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, yoga, and meditation. This diverse expertise allows her to provide tailored advice and support to each member, ensuring they receive the best possible care and guidance on their wellness journey. 

For more details about Raji and her journey, visit our About Us page.